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Re: Trying to vary white mensural ligatures

From: PálBenkő
Subject: Re: Trying to vary white mensural ligatures
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 19:02:11 +0000 (UTC)
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hi Mike,

> I'm stuck on a form of ligature that uses the descending diagonal neume
> to indicate two notes, and has a rising stem on the left.

> \[ d\longa c\breve \] % gives the right diagonal neume, but no stem

> \[ d1 c1 \]                  % gives the stem, but separate
>                              % diamond-shaped note heads

> I have read the section on white mensural notation, the definitions of
> ligature objects, and every mention of ligatures and mensural notation
> in the Scheme files. On the possibility that there was an invisible
> stem, as the manuals says there is for whole notes, I tried overriding
> transparency and color of the Stem object, to no avail.

> I'm not sure what note durations are intended in the manuscript

it's \[ d1 c1 \].

ligatures in lilypond can currently be engraved only in one shape,
although some combinations could be written (and were written, as you've noted)
in several ways.
see ligature-description.txt in
on how to write (read) ligatures.


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