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Re: Lilypond is amazing! (engraving Reubke)

From: Wilbert Berendsen
Subject: Re: Lilypond is amazing! (engraving Reubke)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 12:09:48 +0200
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Op donderdag 16 april 2009, schreef -Eluze:
> beautiful and powerful!
> on which OS are you?


> I just compiled the whole score under windows/xp-sp3 with 512 MB RAM and I
> can confirm it used up to 665MB main memory - and of course it took a long
> time to finish: 46 minutes!

That'd mainly be caused by swapping out the virtual memory. On my system (dual 
core but lily uses only one) Lily takes some 8 minutes or so.

> unfortunately i forgot to turn off "point'n click", so a file of 3.76MB
> resulted (yours only had 600KB!)
> further small differences are probably due to the fact that i run it with
> 2.12.2 and i got only 26 pages (28 in yours) - but it will take some time
> to see all differences.

This is due to the max-systems-per page parameter not understood in 2.12. Some 
pages have 6 systems then. The footnote on page 8 might be on the wrong line. 
In 2.13 every page has 5 systems (the first one has 4 systems).

best regards,
Wilbert Berendsen

Frescobaldi, LilyPond editor for KDE:

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