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Re: Why do Lilyond Engravers have inhibitions to store their score in Mu

From: Mike Blackstock
Subject: Re: Why do Lilyond Engravers have inhibitions to store their score in Mutopia?
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 11:46:58 -0400

A couple of us had started a Wiki site for Lilypond called 'WikiLily' and we collaborated on some Schubert songs. We found the MediaWiki versioning system adequate for that. Alas, my company folded on short notice and the site went with it.
However, I'm working on the site at home and hope to re-launch the site in the near future. I've been studing the MediaWiki code and API and I have an extension that allows tar archives of Lilypond projects to be uploaded; the extension then converts the directory structure of the tar file into wiki subpages. Same for zip files.
Anyway, I've been spending my 'sabbatical' (as I call it) working on this kind of stuff and I hope to relaunch  by summer's end.

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 8:56 AM, <address@hidden> wrote:
But getting back to your questions: Mutopia is nice, but I should hope that, someday, when compiling a score takes a fraction of a second and copyright law is overhauled, people will use Wikimedia Commons to store and edit all of man's written music. I can't wait until the day they bring the lilypond plugin for MediaWiki over to Wikipedia!

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