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Re: New fonts for chords

From: Pekka Siponen
Subject: Re: New fonts for chords
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 08:14:19 +0300
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For chords I don't think there is a standard approach. Chords haven't been around long enough. I was hoping to collect opinions here. :) Maybe the best source would be in some typography book? I checked mine and couldn't find any specific mention about the position, only the weight. Maybe someone else has something..?

Most of the basic typographical rules seem to apply also to music notation, so maybe also chords..

Yes, I was thinking about posting to bug-lilypond when I have some free time around the holidays.

Some of the other problems with the chords I had:
The other problem was that I would have had to adjust chord positions (both horizontal and vertical) in many cases. Chords under the alternate endings, so that they would have been inside the ending brackets, closer to the staff and clear of the number (for example 1. or 2.). Also a chord (horizontal position) and a rehearsal mark so that both could fit on the basic vertical level. I don't remember if I made a post about these to the user or the bug list. Only that it was getting wee bit too complicated for my taste, and didn't have the time to pursue the issues. :)


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