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Re: Better MIDI

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: Re: Better MIDI
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 21:23:50 -0600

On 6/1/09 5:29 PM, "Peter Chubb" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi,
>   I've put up a page on how to get more realistic sounding MIDI output
>   from current LilyPond, along with the scripts and scheme code used, at


I haven't had a chance to look at your code, since I don't have a login to
your server, and it wasn't attached to your email to the list.

The improved MIDI sounded good to me.  I'd like to get it into the

As a first step, it could be included in an optional add-in.  The way to
make it work is probably to first split your scheme and lilypond code.

I'd recommend that you put your scheme code in a new file that could be
placed in the scm/ directory, perhaps something
like articulation.scm.

And then you'll have your lilypond syntax stuff in file that
can be placed in the ly/ directory and included in a lilypond file.

Then, you can post your articulation.scm and files on the
lilypond-devel list, where it will be reviewed by the experts.

>   It has before-and-after MIDI samples to listen to, and a full
>   description of what the script does and how to use it.
>   Is there any way that the scheme code can be distributed with
>   LilyPond?  It's fairly useful now, but could do with going over by
>   some real experts for improvement. In particular I'd like to get rid
>   of the double pass over all the notes (first to find out what to do
>   then to do it), and the hacked up communication between the two
>   passes.  I'd also like to do something about trills and turns with
>   alterations, and do a better calculation for trill duration.

Sounds great.  The best way to get a review is to post code on -devel.



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