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Re: Lilypond and Jazz chords

From: kzt
Subject: Re: Lilypond and Jazz chords
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 19:11:59 -0500
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You can find an example of a chord notated as 'phrygian' (well it's more a modal indication, but that's what the composer Gary Peacock intended) in the
lead sheet for Vignette.
More arguments for using names: Alt is much more easy to write and read, less
error prone than: 7.3-.5-.9-.11-.13-

So if Alt is always (or primarily) 7.3-.5-.9-.11-.13- we should add an alt
modifier to LilyPond.  Then, we could say c:alt, and get just what the
composer intends. And then we should have the ChordNames context generate

At least in the Real Books, the chord usually just says "C alt" on the chart. The structure of the alt chord is pretty variable and up for interpretation on the fly. Many times it's just played as a dominant 7b5b9.
I agree with Tim. It's up for players.
Assigning "7.3-.5-.9-.11-.13- " statically to the altered chord does not make sense to me. BTW, is "3-" right? I guess "3-" is meant for "#9" but looks major 3rd is missing.

Why don't we just make "alt" available only for scoring? bad idea?
To me, score is important.  midi is not.

- kzt

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