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Re: Lilypond - chord progression

From: Christian Henning
Subject: Re: Lilypond - chord progression
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009 18:12:43 -0400

Hi Patrick,

>> \new ChordNames {
>> \chordmode
>>       {
>>               g1 |
>>               g16*6:sus4 g16*10 | \break
>>               bes1 |
>>               bes16*6:sus4 bes16*10 | \break
>>               c1 |
>>               c2:sus4 c2| \break
>>               c1:m |
>>               c1:m | \break
>>         g4*3 g4:sus4 |
>>         bes4*3 bes4:sus4 | \break
>>       }
>> }
> Instead of writing e.g. "g16*6" you could have used "g4.". A dotted quarter 
> note consists of six sixteenth notes. Instead of "g16*10" you could have used 
> "g8 s2" which is easier to read. You should consult the Learning Manual p. 
> 14-15 and the section Rhythm in the Notation Reference (p. 29-40)

Thanks for the hints. I like the idea of multipliers. I have read the
manuals as suggested but I haven't found a reference to your "g8 s2".
What does the "s2" part?

Also, thanks for the template you provided me with. I'll happily use
it as a template for my next project.


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