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Re: Lilypond - chord progression

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: Re: Lilypond - chord progression
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2009 00:52:59 +0200

> > Instead of writing e.g. "g16*6" you could have used "g4.". A dotted
> quarter note consists of six sixteenth notes. Instead of "g16*10" you could
> have used "g8 s2" which is easier to read. You should consult the Learning
> Manual p. 14-15 and the section Rhythm in the Notation Reference (p. 29-40)
> Thanks for the hints. I like the idea of multipliers. I have read the
> manuals as suggested but I haven't found a reference to your "g8 s2".
> What does the "s2" part?

s means "spacer rest". It's an invisible rest. See Notation Reference, p. 39. 
you can use it in chord mode. It's not wrong to think in sixteenths but it's 
more common in 4/4 time to think in quarter notes or half notes. 10 sixteenth 
notes are equivalent to one eighth note and two quarter notes (or one half 
note). The eighth note belongs to the first half of the bar and the invisible 
half note rest just completes the bar (g4.+g8 + s2).
> Also, thanks for the template you provided me with. I'll happily use
> it as a template for my next project.
You're welcome


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