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Re: Can't get started-no matter how hard I try

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: Re: Can't get started-no matter how hard I try
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 05:16:50 +0200

On 06.10.2009, at 23:52, Graham Percival wrote:

On Wed, Oct 07, 2009 at 07:52:33AM +1100, Nick Payne wrote:
My suggestion for an absolute beginner to get initially started is  
behind by now, but I don't think the basics covered in the guide have  
changed between 2006 and now. At only 18 pages including front cover,  
TOC, and appendices, it's less forbidding than the ~180 pages of the  
Learning Manual/

How is that worse than reading the first 18 pages of the Learning

- Graham

Not by way of excuse, but seeing that there are only 18 pages, people are more likely toa ctually read the whole thing, rather than seeing that there are 100+ pages, and saying, "oh sod it all!"

James E. Bailey

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