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Re: Harmonica tablature notation

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Harmonica tablature notation
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 03:46:14 +0000 (UTC)
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bradford powell <bradford.powell <at>> writes:

> My first thought was to write an engraver (since that is what guitar
> tablature seems to do). 

Writing an engraver is not as difficult as it seems, as long as you have good
models to follow.  But it *is* an involved process, and isn't the easiest way
for a new developer to get started.

> After looking into the source a bit, and
> deciding to try to avoid needing to recompile,

Recompiling is virtually impossible on windows, but it's doable on Linux and
OS/X.  If you really want to do some developing (and you're not on Windows),
it's probably worth learning to compile LilyPond.

> I have tried two other
> approaches. The first is based on adding markup to notes similar to
> the commented-out 'add-staccato' function in 'ly/'. The
> second approach (which I think I prefer) is to create lyrics using
> similar markup.

I prefer the markup to notes, rather than the lyrics approach.  But this
tablature is new to me; I learned to play harmonica with arrows 
indicating blow or draw and numbers indicating holes.

If you want to get the lyrics-based approach integrated into LilyPond, you'll
probably want a HarmonicaTab context and harmonica_tab_engraver.
You can copy this functionality from the FretBoards context and 
Fretboard_engraver.  These are pretty simple, and could form a template
for your work if you're interested.

> I would appreciate any comments. One area in particular that I have
> questions about is cleaning up the case statement that converts pitch
> to markup-- specifically in that I am weirdly interspersing lilypond
> syntax (with the '(markup #:flat #:flat #:circle "2")'-type
> statements). I would prefer to have a function like for blow and for
> draw that can incorporate parameters for the hole and the number of
> bends. I've tried:
> #(define draw hole bends) (markup (make-list-markup (append (list
> #:simple) (make-list bends #:flat) (list hole)))))

If you can write the code that will return the list of arguments that you
would like to have passed to the markup function, then you can do
something like this:

(append '(markup) (function-that-returns-argument-list))

to get the scheme function you want.



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