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Re: Using pianostaff with custom created percussion staffs

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: Using pianostaff with custom created percussion staffs
Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 17:39:35 +0200

2010/5/2 <address@hidden>:

> Hello Xavier,
> Thanks for your help until now. I followed your suggestion. It does
> work but creates other problems. See the attachment.
> It is about African ritme music. Multple instruments are used which
> will be repeated with a flexible length of the complete number.
> Numbers should be learned by mind, so the notiation should show as
> minimum as possible. I do not want to engrave repeating peaces.
> In my example Djembé 1 has only 1 meausure bar, Djembé 1 4 bars and
> Djembé 3 2 bars.

Hi Bernard !

Your request is quite uncommon.  Usually the different staves in a
score have the same number of measures...
Have you considered using \repeat percent ..., for example ?

> Before this change there were closed normally. Now they have a very
> ugly and distracting bold vertical bar within the number.  I would
> like to remove it.
> Do you have a idea how?

The easiest way is to use ChoirStaff instead od StaffGroup.

> Maybe related. When playing Djembé handsetting (L = Left, R = Right)
> is important to synchronize players.  As you can see I commented the
> lyrics for handsetting.  If I would use it, which I would like to,
> then then the Staff does not end on the vertical bar.  Which is a bit
> weird.
> Do you know if this is related to the other bar problem?

I suppose it is maybe because you defined your own "custom staves" or
probably because you used \addlyrics within your variable definitions
and not within the \score block.

I defined DjembeILyrics (and so on) variables and add
  \new Lyrics ...
within your \score block and this problem vanished!

I also increased your "indent" value since it was too small to display
"Sang Bang" instrument name completely.
I also replaced your "r1" by "R1".

See the attached file.
Let me know if there are still problems (I use 2.13.18).


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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