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Re: OMET: Online Music Editing Tools feedback?

From: David Stocker
Subject: Re: OMET: Online Music Editing Tools feedback?
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 07:20:19 -0400
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It looks good to me. I looked at it with Firefox 3.5.9 on Ubuntu 9.10. If I get a few minutes, I'll try with Windows XP and Firefox or Safari.

Have you had a look at Noteflight?

It's a similar approach, but Noteflight is a proprietary site. It's still worth a peek, since ultimately a site like OMET will be in competition with Noteflight. Having LilyPond output is, I think, an advantage.

Nice job. I'll be checking back regularly.


On 05/10/2010 04:28 AM, Marc Hohl wrote:
Mike Blackstock schrieb:
If somebody could have a quick look at
and tell me what they think I'd appreciate it.

What I'd like to know specifically is whether the approach is sound -
being able to treat the screen as if it were a blank sheet of paper
where you can enter notes anywhere and in any order? Before I start
uploading other stuff, is there something I'm overlooking in the basic
It looks quite interesting and promising - but I am probably not
the right guy for a profound opinion, because I would not use a
web interface for coding lilypond (at least at the moment).
Thanks a lot. I think it works across all browsers, though someone
reported problems with FF 3.6.3 on some version of Vista, and IE 6 has
the png bug that I gave up on. Also Google Chrome doesn't properly
handle the turning off of the cursor it seems, at least on my system.
>From a technical point of view, everything seems to work properly
here with firefox/linux.


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