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Re: repeat bar at the beginning of a piece

From: Steve Tarr
Subject: Re: repeat bar at the beginning of a piece
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 06:40:18 -0700
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Steve Tarr schrieb:
I'm working with 2.13.20, trying to reproduce a piece of shape-note music that has a 4-dot (with no line) repeat bar at the beginning of the piece.

The snippet titled "Printing a repeat sign at the beginning of a piece" works as described if I use the "|:" bar, but doesn't display the bar if I use ":" (or any other bar style) instead.

What's special about "|:" in this case?  Is there some property I can
override to allow arbitrary bar lines to be displayed at the beginning
of a piece? Or is there something I can change so that ":" will be treated as a repeat bar just as "|:" is?

Marc Hohl wrote:
> As a somewhat hackish solution, you can start the piece with an
invisible grace note, like this:



Thanks Marc. That will work nicely for my case and it's simpler than the documented snippet. I'm still curious, though, about why lilypond treats the two barlines differently.
It may be intentional, but what's controlling this behavior?


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