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From: Karl Hammar
Subject: vocalises
Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 12:20:41 +0200 (CEST)

I'm doing Mathilde Marchesi's "The Theoretical and Practical Vocal
Method", Opus 31, see [1] and [2]. I'm also do'ing warm-ups for my

Here, basically every measure is the same but transposed up/down a
half or whole step. There is three voices: "singer", "left hand" and
"right hand". And when you transpose you want to distribute "right
hand" voice in a good way on the two piano staffs. You also want to
avoid double sharps or flats.


Is there a way to take a "template measure" (with all three staffs),
transpose it and add the results after one and another to get a nice
score ?


Is there a way to take a chord (like "<c, c e g c'>4") and to
distribute it "pleasantly" on two staffs ?


In a way this is similar to orchestrallily [3] -- but on another level.

Currently I have things like:

        \transpose c c   { \Mbaa \Mbab }
        \transpose c des { \Mbaa r | \Mbaa }
        \transpose c cis { \Mbab }
        \transpose c d   { \Mbaa r | \Mbaa \Mbab }
        \transpose c es  { \Mbaa r | \Mbaa }
        \transpose c dis { \Mbab }
        \transpose c e   { \Mba r | \Mba \Mbb }
        \transpose c f   { \Mba r | \Mba \Mbb }

and that structure is repeated in the other voices, except where the
right hand migrates between the piano staffs.

Any idéas (except m4/perl/python/... preprocessing) ?

/Karl Hammar

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