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RE: Error Message

From: James Lowe
Subject: RE: Error Message
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2010 05:02:19 -0400

Sorry to reply to my own post, but we have improved the documentation on this 
(and some other basics like this) here

While 2.13 is considered 'unstable', most (if not all) of the Learning Manual 
for this version will still apply to the version you have.



-----Original Message-----
From: address@hidden on behalf of James Lowe
Sent: Sat 05/06/2010 9:47
To: James Bailey; Richard Lockwood
Cc: lilypond-user Mailinglist
Subject: RE: Error Message

-----Original Message-----
From: address@hidden on behalf of James Bailey
Sent: Sat 05/06/2010 8:02
To: Richard Lockwood
Cc: lilypond-user Mailinglist
Subject: Re: Error Message

On 03.06.2010, at 13:17, Richard Lockwood wrote:

> Hello Support,
> Downloaded Mac version lilypond-2.12.3-1.darwin-ppc.tar.bz2 (I have  
> a G5 10.4.11
> PPC). Unzipped file, dragged app. into apps. folder and installed  
> an alias in
> the dock. Ran the app. as per instructions: saved the file,   
> compiled it and
> clicked on one of the noteheads of the pdf. All good.
> Then I started to write my own file. The notation is correct but I  
> get an the
> following error message when I run "compile" - "typeset file":
> /Users/richardlockwood/Richard/Lilypond/Singing Name  
> warning: no
> \version statement found, pleas add \version "2.12.3" (this is the  
> version I
> have installed?)
> Regards,
> Richard

For future reference, questions such as this are better suited for  
the -user list. For you information, this message is generated when  
your input file lacks a version statement. The error tells you to  
quite literally, add the line, \version "2.12.3" to your input file.

Hope this helps.

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