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Re: Woodwind diagrams in lilypond w/ changes from M Watts & I Hulin

From: josé henrique padovani
Subject: Re: Woodwind diagrams in lilypond w/ changes from M Watts & I Hulin
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2010 22:49:50 -0300
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Em 09/06/10 22:04, Graham Percival escreveu:
On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 09:41:34PM -0300, josé henrique padovani wrote:
Em 09/06/10 21:23, Carl Sorensen escreveu:
Unfortunately, it doesn't include the complete files, so it would be fairly
difficult for a user who is not familiar with git or patch to make it work.

Could you please give some advices about which git / patch flags should  
I use to apply the patch to my current directories?
If you seriously want to learn, then do a google search for
"patch" to learn how to use it.  If not, wait a few weeks until
it's part of lilypond.  This topic is too long to teach in a few

- Graham

Hi Graham,

I did already used patch and diff in some codes...
but I have no experience about how to use it with git (I have seen that the patch was created with a flag "--git" for diff, which I didn't found in diff man) and don't know which commands should I use to download from the lilypond's git repository... (just some tips would help me)

I mean: I am not sure about which git flags/address/etc should I use to download the code.. (I suppose I should use git to download them and not simply download the diffs with from

Regarding patch, I would like to know if I should simply call it like this:
cd /Applications/ (I'm on a Mac)
patch < path-of-diffile/difffile.diff

or if I should use some flags and/or call it from another place...

Althought I am new to this process I think I can do it and would really appreciate some help.

Thank you,


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