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inkscape 0.47, OSX... import pdf pages

From: josé henrique padovani
Subject: inkscape 0.47, OSX... import pdf pages
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 10:17:58 -0300
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I need to import pdf pages generated by lilypond in Inkscape(0.47)... (OSX)
I tried to put (or symbolic link) the OTF fonts (emmentaler*.otf and CenturySchL*.otf) in

then have rebuild the font cache...

but Inkscape does not find them for my pdf ...
(althought it finds the font if I want to introduce some text... i.e: the problem is related with the open/import process)

Is anyone there able to import lilypond pdf's on InkScape (on OSX)? (How did you solved the font issue?)

note 1: Illustrator finds everything (if the fonts are in \Library\Fonts)... I would prefer not to use AI. note 2: I need to import the score in pdf, ps or eps (no svg) because I have some \postscript markups that would not be generated with lilypond's svg backend..


PS: Have read the old topics and InkScape faq that covers font problems, but none of them solved my problem.. as I said: it finds the fonts, but not when importing... (Maybe it is a font name problem?)


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