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Fwd: multi-tempi

From: Ole Schmidt
Subject: Fwd: multi-tempi
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 23:48:20 +0200

forgot to c to mailing list...

search for "different tempos" in the mailing list archive.
a thread from a guy namend Kostia from 2008.

concerning the midi import there is a midy2ly function, but I don't know if it can handle such a (complex) task.

hth  ole

Am 14.06.2010 um 15:20 schrieb Hans Roels:

I don't really know Lilypond well (I just had a quick look at the documentation)
but I have some music notation problems and maybe somebody could tell me if
Lilypond is the right tool to solve my problems.

1. Is it possible to create a score with a fixed number of seconds (not bars)
per system?

2. Is it possible to create a score with different parts/voices that each have a
different tempo? for example a score with a first part in tempo 56 bpm, a second
in 64 bpm and a third in 92 bpm?

3. Would it be possible to create a kind of script/template/score in Lilypond
that imports midi files (or some other file format) and creates a multi-tempo
score after the user has assigned midifile1 to part 1, midifile2 to part

I hope someone has some advice!
Hans Roels

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