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Re: Alternative polymetric representation

From: Arle Lommel
Subject: Re: Alternative polymetric representation
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 21:04:00 -0400

Thanks to Alexander for the quick fix. I hadn't found that bit (obviously), in 
part because I wasn't thinking about it in the context of beams, but rather in 
the context of polymetric time signatures and that problem. Had I thought to 
look in the semi-obvious place, I suppose I would have found it.

Carl, it's not time critical, especially now that I have a workaround that 
restores the former behavior. But I'll be curious to see how the new autobeam 
syntax works (especially in conjunction with my unusual metrical requirements). 
Is there some way to sign up to be notified of changes in particular areas of 
Lilypond? I'm particularly interested in anything to do with simplifying 
polymetric time signatures. If I were a real programmer (rather than a PHP 
kludger), I would gladly volunteer to work on this area of the program.

Finally, I found the cause for the duplication of my first line: it was simply 
duplicated in the source file. I have no idea why that happened, but it was NOT 
Lilypond's fault.



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