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Hi! i have some ideas, where to put them?

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Hi! i have some ideas, where to put them?
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 23:20:02 +0200

Hi everyone!

My name is Jan and i'm form Poland.
First of all, i'd like to thank all contributors for their time and work. I'm using LilyPond for some time now and it's really great to see that i need less manual tweaks in my scores now than i needed before :)
LilyPond is fantastic! 
Some years ago i was using Finale for typesetting music, but after initial excitement it started to irk me quite fast. I was very happy when i learned about LilyPond and now i stick to it :)
Now that i'm confident with LilyPond, i'll try to force my choir to stop using Finale for typesetting music and start using LilyPond. I can no longer stand the look of finale scores; we don't have enough time to polish them manually so we get roughly what finale does by itself, and it's really ugly... (you can see differencies in attachments).
I have some ideas about how to improve LilyPond and make it even more competitive (mostly feature requests). I've looked for the place to post them, but i'm not sure whether i should send them to address@hidden or somewhere else. Any help?

keep up the great work!
best regards,
Jan Warchoł

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