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Re: Guide to Writing Orchestral Scores with Lilypond?????

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Guide to Writing Orchestral Scores with Lilypond?????
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 00:52:30 +0100
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Hi Wim,

this deserves a more detailed answer than I can afford right now.
For now I'd only want to let you know that you _are_ welcome.


Am 08.01.2013 22:57, schrieb Wim van Dommelen:
Hi Antonio, Ben, Urs, others,

The idea of writing a "Guide to writing an orchestral score with LilyPond" is a very, very good idea. Not replacing the learning manual but as an addition with e.g. an orchestral example build in stages (with all the intermediate files available for who is interested to follow the process in detail. I'm convinced that for LilyPond to be succesfull, the learning curve for new users or users attempting other projects has to flatten out. The only drawback I can think of now (for this "Guide") would be that it might be better to start with a smaller example first (e.g. a guide to write a SATB piece or smaller lead sheet). To get the process right before drowning in a large example.

I would suggest to keep this discussion on the list because I think many more people are interested (or will be). Of course "work" emails excluded.

As I'm a regular LilyPond user (I started as a enduser nine years ago (v.2.2) with it, have been out of it for some years, but back for some months now), I've been looking for some place to contribute. And this might be a place for me to do so, depending on what is asked for: What skills do you expect?, What will be the basic tools to work with (LilyPond-book?) ?, What will be the speed (work pressure) needed?, etc. I've written documentation texts for years, so I think I can probably fit in. But most of all I can't guarantee the speed.

But a project like this will need more persons working together, I'm not very acquainted by how the LilyPond user group organizes this behind the screens. And just starting out of the void will most likely lead to failure.

Can someone brief me on how such a group starts, how to share info., tools, communicate, etc?

And most important: Am I welcome on this adventure?


On 8 Jan 2013, at 21:35 , Urs Liska wrote:

Am 08.01.2013 20:02, schrieb Antonio Gervasoni:

Now, I'm almost done and I'm thinking about publishing a complete
description of how I did it. Not that I think that my process for creating
such a score is the right one or even the best one! I just want to share it
with other users that might find it useful and also receive feedback from
other more experienced users in the form of advice on how to improve and
simplify it.

The problem is that I don't know how to do this! If I write a short guide
of, say 20-30 pages, in pdf format, where should I post/upload it? The .ly
files and pdf output could be uploaded to the Mutopia Project. I could also
upload the score and parts to IMSLP. But what about the guide? Where should
that go? Any ideas?

I could use my own website, or create a blog and put it there, but my
concern is about making it immediately "visible" to most Lilypond users, so
that it can attract the attention of those of them who write orchestral
music and generate discussion and a flow of ideas right away.


This is a _very_ good idea, and I would be pleased to get you 'into my boat'.
Last year I did something similar because I think that exactly this kind of information would be very valuable (i.e. essay style material that complements LilyPond's (very good) reference style documentation).
You can have a look at if you want.

Since then I have in mind to extend this by more texts and to offer others to extend it to get a collection of related material. (But I'll probably change to some kind of PDF delivery because it was unnecessarily complicated to get it on web pages).
Probably I'll shift this idea to another project, though: During the development of a musical edition some others and me created the base for a kind of LilyPond toolkit library. When the edition is finished we'll change that to be an open source project hosted on Github. This will consist of sets of functionality, templates and examples which of course have to be well documented.
It isn't finally decided but the original motivation of this library could be labeled with 'productivity tools' and '(best) practice strategies'. The 'includable' library can and is intended to be accompanied by more or less standalone essays (like how to set up projects to be variable, how to deal with complicated transpositions, how to change the overall visual appearance of scores etc.).
I think an essay on how to set up an orchestral score would fit extremely well into this concept. And source snippets etc. could also be seamlessly be integrated.
[In theory such a project could on the long run result in a book. But of course this is pure speculation ATM.]

So if you think that's a good idea don't hesitate to contact my (on or off list).


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