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Re: Replacement suggestions for Century Schoolbook?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Replacement suggestions for Century Schoolbook?
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 20:07:21 +0100
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Urs Liska <address@hidden> writes:

> Am 09.01.2013 19:11, schrieb Werner LEMBERG:
>>>>> I'm rather looking for a free alternative to be shared publicly ....
>>>> That's what i mean. Free software needs funding too :)
>>>> On 9 Jan 2013, at 08:47, Urs Liska <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Precisely. It makes sense to fund a public resource.
>>> If you see something close to what you want Playfair for example,
>>> you could ask the designer to make a version with less contrast as
>>> Libre software and fund that work.  He probably has a lower contrast
>>> version already.
>> Actually, I would rather like to have a font which exactly clones the
>> old lyrics font.  But this is probably me only.
> This points to one problem I see with this approach:
> If one wanted to create something new (or rework something existing)
> there would be _much_ discussion to do. And I don't know if this would
> lead to some agreement.
> I recall the heated debate when Janek retouched the single glyph of
> the treble clef and don't dare to imagine the potential conflicts when
> it comes to a whole font.
> Basically everybody in this discussion has different needs and
> opinions. What a new font would imply wouldn't be less than a new
> visual appearance for LilyPond (even if considered as an optional
> addition).

At least with regard to chord names, the current situation is untenable.
That does not necessarily mean that a new font needs to be developed.
But one way or the other, the default look of LilyPond needs to be more
consistent and less ugly.

David Kastrup

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