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Re: convert-ly question

From: Phil Burfitt
Subject: Re: convert-ly question
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 23:22:13 +0100

Hi Tim,

Is there a syntax for running convert-ly on a directory without having to cd into the directory and invoking

      convert-ly -e *.ly

There doesn’t seem to be a recursive option. Since I’ve got .ly files in 158 different directories it’d be really nice to be able to >batch update them with something like:

    convert-ly -e -r *.ly

instead of having to cd in to 158 directories by hand. Maybe there is good reason for convert-ly not having this capability.

If you're on Windows...

   for /F "delim=" %n in ('dir /b /s *.ly') do convert-ly -e "%n"

will process all ly files in current directory and all its subdirectories.


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