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Re: Function for note string to fraction?

From: Peter Bjuhr
Subject: Re: Function for note string to fraction?
Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 09:35:59 +0200
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Thanks a lot!

On 2014-05-20 00:49, Mark Polesky wrote:
Peter Bjuhr wrote:
And from there it would be easy to get the
     moment with 'ly:duration->string'.
I don't think you need ly:duration->string; I think you can
just skip that step.

Yes, that was indeed a rambling. I meant I could get the moment with 'ly:duration-length'.

And as far as I know, you do need to
copy out the definition of parse-simple-duration, and above
it add:
#(use-modules (ice-9 regex))

Hope that helps.
- Mark

It works great!


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