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Question about 2.19 and \partial

From: Steven Weber
Subject: Question about 2.19 and \partial
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2015 15:30:20 -0700

Hey everyone!


I’ve got a question about typesetting partials in the middle of a piece and what their bar number should be.


If you have a partial at the beginning of a piece, the bar number is (essentially) 0 – it doesn’t count as far as bar numbers go.  Because of that, I assumed that partials in the middle of the piece would be the same – they either have the bar number of the previous bar, or the bar number of the next bar.  However, it appears that partial bars get their own bar number:


\partial 4 r4 % Bar 0


R1 % Bar 10

\time 3/4

\partial 4 r4 % Bar 11

R2. % Bar 12


Is this expected typesetting behavior?





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