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Lilypond and LaTeX - margins

From: Beda Szukics
Subject: Lilypond and LaTeX - margins
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 08:06:24 +0200
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Hello all

I try to print a songbook with gregorian and modern songs. For the
gregorian part I use gregorio, for the modern songs I use lilypond.

The main document is a (Lua)LaTeX-file that has text and scores in it.

My example (Versuch.lytex):

\usepackage{gregoriotex} % for gregorio score inclusion



with Gregorianum.gabc:

(c3) La(h) la(i) la(h) %x10
la(i) la(h) la(i) la(h) la(i) la(h) la(i) la(h) la(i) la(h) la(i) la(h)
la(i) la(h) la(i) la(h) la(i) la(h)


\version "2.18.0"
\header {
\relative c''{
   \key g\major \time 4/4
   g4 g g g | a a a a |
   g g g g | a a a a|
   g g g g | a a a a \bar "|."
\addlyrics {
  La la la la lu lu lu lu
  le le le le li li li li
  lo lo lo lo lä lä lä lä

lilypond-book --pdf Versuch.lytex tells me: warning: Unable to auto-detect default settings: warning: cannot detect textwidth from LaTeX

and the song "Tescht" shows no respect for the margins :-(

So I used the package layouts.sty to determine the length of my
gregorian score lines and adapted with

line-width = 323.92374\pt
left-margin = 0\pt

That gave me lines of Tescht that were equal to the lines of Gregorianum
but the Tescht score is still printed about 3 mm to the left.

Why? What can I do to suppress the right margin, that lilypond is creating?

More general: Is there a way to tell the lilypond-part to adapt to the
measures of the LaTeX-file?

Greetings            Beda

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