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Re: Lilypond and LaTeX - margins

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Lilypond and LaTeX - margins
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 10:50:15 +0200
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Am 25. Juli 2015 10:36:41 MESZ, schrieb David Kastrup <address@hidden>:
>Beda Szukics <address@hidden> writes:
>> Thank you. That helped. If I use
>> lilypond-book --pdf --latex-program=lualatex Versuch.lytex
>> the margins are respected. I still have about 3 mm at the left
>> (textwidth is 114 mm, the lines of the Tescht part are 110 mm)
>Maybe related to the indent and/or short-indent layout settings in the
>LilyPond file?

Or the width of the system bracket?

This is something that really annoys me: when inserting music systems in 
(LaTeX) text I would like the left barline to align with the text and have the 
bracket protrude into the margin. But so far I haven't found a solution short 
of manually measuring the actual width of the (potentially scaled) sample.  


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