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Re: request for help: huge score

From: Jean-Charles Malahieude
Subject: Re: request for help: huge score
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2016 18:53:04 +0100
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Le 23/11/2016 à 11:30, Thomas Morley a écrit :
Hi all,

currently there's some ongoing heavy work to make LilyPond work with guilev2.

I'd like to test the current state with a huge score, something like
an entire sinfony or the like.
I don't have a huge score of this kind at hand.
May I ask if somebody could send me one?
It should compile with a recent devel-version to ensure comparabilty.

A huge score may be too much for an attachment on the list.
Please try zipped or a private mail.

Still not finalized, but here are Campra's Festes vénitiennes. does'nt generate the MIDIs, as opposed to


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