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Re: Transposing Keyless Brass Parts

From: Wols Lists
Subject: Re: Transposing Keyless Brass Parts
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 12:44:10 +0000
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On 17/03/18 23:54, Glassmenagerie wrote:
> By accident I came across another possible solution.
> \score { 
>   \transpose c g {     
>   \relative g' { 
>   \time 2/4 
>   g8[-.\p g ( aes ) aes] ( 
>   g g4 ) g8 ( 
>   f ) f4 f8 ( 
>   g\<[ ) g ( f\> ees]\! ) 
>   d4 ( c 
>   bes2 ) 
>   \bar "|." 
>   } 
>   } 
> }
> This seems to work for the notes.  Any reason not to do this ?  Also there's
> no key signature.  The effect is to transpose up 7 intervals.

This is close to what I do, and I have to regularly transpose parts
between Bb-treble and concert-bass.

Bear in mind that lily does not assume western tonal music, so when you
say "transpose" it doesn't take scales into account - it just shifts
everything by that interval.

If you need to print stuff out in multiple pitches (like I do with my Bb
and concert parts), it's easy to put the notes in a variable wrapped in
a transpose, and then print it out wrapping the variable in a different
transpose. Just have some scheme for a consistent "scale" in your
variable - I make sure all my variables are internally in concert pitch.


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