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Re: double slurs within beamed notes

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: double slurs within beamed notes
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2018 08:44:29 +0200
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Lucas Werkmeister <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi everyone!
> In a composition I’m transcribing, there are double slurs between some
> notes (see attached image, also uploaded at [1]), and the lower slurs
> are right next to the note heads, inside the beams – whereas when
> typeset by LilyPond, the slurs are outside the beams. I’m wondering what
> the best way is to move the slurs inside the beams.
> I did find one workaround, and I’ll describe it just in case someone
> else with the same problem finds this email later, but it is horrible:
> 1. Introduce an auxiliary voice with the << { … } \new Voice { … } >>
> construct.
> 2. Duplicate the notes in both voices.
> 3. In the main voice, explicitly point the slur away from the beams (up
> or down, depending on where the beam is).
> 4. In the other voice, explicitly point the slur towards the beams (down
> or up). We have a double slur, but it’s still outside the beam.
> 5. Still in the other voice, apply \noBeam to the slurred notes. This
> makes the slur attach directly to the note heads. Our slurs are now
> where we want them – we just need to get rid of all the auxiliary stuff.
> 5. \hide the NoteHead in the auxiliary voice. (Don’t \omit it, otherwise
> the slur won’t position correctly – in one case I even got LilyPond to
> segfault with \omit.)
> 6. \omit the Stem and Flag in the auxiliary voice. (In this case, \hide
> isn’t enough, otherwise the stems in the main voice will be lengthened
> in an attempt to reduce collisions with the invisible grobs.)
> 7. Repeat this for every double slur you have.
> This hack is awful enough that, as much as I want to reproduce the
> printed score accurately, I’m not yet sure whether I will end up using
> it. It’s also not perfect – LilyPond still prints warnings about “too
> many clashing note columns” (due to the hidden but not omitted NoteHead,
> I guess).
> Does anyone have better ideas? :)

No minimal example so I'll just sketch.

c-\tweak ... ^( -\tweak ... _(

Just write out upper and lower slurs explicitly with their own direction
markers and tweak them individually.

David Kastrup

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