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Re: OpenLilyLib with Windows

From: Stefano Troncaro
Subject: Re: OpenLilyLib with Windows
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2018 11:35:42 -0300

Hi foxfanfare,

First of all welcome to the Lilypond world! AFAIK you would create a style-sheet by creating a file with a layout block that contains the settings for your house-style, and then you include that file in all the projects where that house-style is needed. That's the easy part. Filling it with the proper settings is the tough part. Finding the proper parameter to tweak can be a challenge, don't hesitate to write to the list with an example of the output you are getting and what you wish you were getting. It'll take some time an effort but you'll get there!

Also, there are many .ly files available in the Mutopia Project. You can search a few that has notation that interests you and how it was achieved.

Hope that helps!

2018-04-01 10:48 GMT-03:00 foxfanfare <address@hidden>:
Thank you for your quick answer! I allready read this notation reference
page, but I was confused with other articles wich refered to this
openLilyLib stuff...

When I applied your settings  with #(set-global-staff-size 17)  and later
#:factor (/ staff-height pt 20), I find the result a bit strange as all the
music seems to be smaller. Is it the same to put something like :

#(set-global-staff-size 20) / #:factor (/ staff-height pt 22.5) ?

As I said, I started with LP last week and I think I like this software more
and more. I used Sibelius those last years and I was going to buy Dorico but
I thought I could give a try to LP first. And for now I don't regret it!

The fact is that I made in Siblius a well balanced house-style (very
Henle...) with help of all engraving rules options. I feel allready quite
confortable working with text-input on LP in order to write the music, but
creating a new house-style here is very challenging for me!

For instance I feel like note-heads and stems aren't very well positioned
together... Even with the profondo-default.ily. But a LOT of things would
need some settings to fit my taste (default shape of slurs, lines thickness,
beams damping, ...).

I saw that part of the google summer project you spoke about was mentioning
this house-style thing (Support for Style Sheets). Can I find somewhere some
tutorials or codes in a LP custom score that I could start to work with?

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