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Re: \include command and local network folders

From: foxfanfare
Subject: Re: \include command and local network folders
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 08:54:49 -0700 (MST)

Thanks for your answers.

In fact, I just found the problem isn't due to the \include command but more
in the original "ly" file that doesn't work (apparently) when it is placed
on my NAS! ... even if the directory of the NAS is added in Frescobaldi.

For exemple: 
1. I generate in Frescobaldi a choir template
2. I save it on the NAS folder
3. I can save the file, but when I try to engrave, I get this error message:


That's a bit problematic since I use different computers at home and I like
to centralize my work and documents... Would be great if someone has the
time to make the same test than me on Windows and tell us if the problem is
mine or in Frescobaldi!

 SoundsFromSound wrote
> Did you save the file first? Usually on Windows when you engrave a score
> without saving it first Frescobaldi will print that to your log like in
> your first PNG file (i.e. Local / AppData / TEMP etc)
> Also, it looks like Frescobaldi can't find the file, rather than LilyPond.
> Is the path setup correct?

The file is saved. I even rebooted Frescobaldi but the ly file on the NAS
won't engrave!

BTW, I take the opportunity since I met you on this forum, to thank you
personnaly for your excellent LilyPond video tutorials on YouTube! Your
videos conviced me to try this software! I hope you'll continue your serie.


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