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Re: Stanzas over staves

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: Stanzas over staves
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 00:30:10 +0200

On 18.04.2018 23:20, Partitura Organum wrote:
My scheme knowledge is very very limited. I just found out one can construct a pair in a scheme function like this:

   #(cons a b)

where a and b are the values. So for your function "narrator", this would become:

   \with-dimensions #(cons 0 dim)  #'(0 . 0)

Good call, that’s another way to do it.

I am however lost how to make "\override #'(line-width . dim)" work inside this scheme-function.

You have to quote line-width because it’s a symbol, not a variable. That can also be done in a verbose or in a practical way:
\override #(cons 'line-width dim)
\override #(cons (quote line-width) dim).
The two are exactly equivalent.

Best, Simon

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