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Re: Dotted notes

From: foxfanfare
Subject: Re: Dotted notes
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 00:47:00 -0700 (MST)

Thomas Morley-2 wrote
> Hi,
> obviously the flags from the beethoven-font have less y-extent.
> Sometimes too less, so DotColumn doesn't notice there's flag which
> should be avoided.
> (I've cc-ed the original author of the font. Maybe he joins the
> discussion.)
> To watch the values uncomment
> \printFontFlagYExtent
> in the test-code below.
> Additionally I wrote some procedures to deal with this problem as well
> as to get access and manipulate the dots of a DotColumn.
> Per default most work is done in C++ and locked from the user, though
> with a little trickery there's a way.
> (1) The too short flags form beethoven-font may be corrected with
> \tallerBeethovenFlags
> (2) Alternatively you can move the DotColumn with \moveBeethovenDotColumn
> Both functions are limited to beethoven-font, they will have no impact
> on other fonts
> (3) \dotsAndDotColumnPadding is the most generic one.
> Put it in layout and add
> \override Staff.DotColumn.padding = 
> <what-ever-value>
> and/or
> \override Staff.DotColumn.details.dots-padding-factor = 
> <what-ever-value>
> where you want.
> Both properties will influence each other.
> Be aware, although it's the most generic one, it is also the most fragile
> one:
> Because Dots in DotColumn are processed in C++ and only very few
> grob-properties are accessible we have little chance to customize it,
> apart from post-processing the ready stencil. A tedious and involved
> work. This also means: if LilyPond internals change,
> \dotsAndDotColumnPadding may break.

... :O 
Amazing... First, thank you very much for the time you spent working on this
issue. When I asked my question, I thought I'll receive a simple answer :
yes it is possible with this command... or no, not possible. 

Since I've started learn LilyPond, it would appear that almost evry details
can be personalized. That's why I am currently tring to get more in depth
with all the commands in order to make my output as clean as it was when I
used other major softwares.

That's why I was surprised that no commands existed for this customization.
But I didn't even imagined someone could just create a new one! I hope it
didn't ask you too much time... Once again, a simple "no, not possible for
the moment" would already have been enough!

Anyway, I tried your code this morning, but I wasn't able to get the desired
result. Maybe because I use the 2.19.80 version. I will try again later this

This kind of feature, especially \dotsAndDotColumnPadding, now that it is
written, could it be now implemented in a future version or is it something
a lot more complicated than that?

Thank you again,

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