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Re: Square bracket version of \left-brace markup

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: Re: Square bracket version of \left-brace markup
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2018 15:04:48 +0200
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Am 21.04.2018 um 13:49 schrieb Torsten Hämmerle:
Braces are very special animals because they can't just be scaled up and
down (at least that would look terrible).
That's the only reason why there even is a special encoding ("FetaBrace")
and a special lookup command.
There are lots and lots of differently sized braces in the Feta/Emmentaler

Hm … couldn’t one draw such braces with a generic stencil in PostScript like it’s done for slurs and ties? The Metafont code for the font braces is generic so I think one could translate it to PostScript.

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