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Re: Lilypond <-> Sibelius

From: Torsten Hämmerle
Subject: Re: Lilypond <-> Sibelius
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 03:36:02 -0700 (MST)

David Kastrup wrote
> Is he majoring in music or in Sibelius?

I think that is the key question.
If it was about music, they may even submit hand-written scores (which is
not a bad thing at all!).
And LilyPond produces PDF files everybody can use.

Maybe I'm getting old, but in my day and age, universities were no extended
schools but real universities, and this was also the world of GNU et al.

In natural science, it was common (and still is) to use TeX, just because it
was light-years ahead when it came to mathematical formulas.
The result after many years: *Major scientific publishing houses use TeX.*

In contrast, some universities obviously don't even provide LilyPond
LilyPond takes much less space that a fully-blown Finale or sibelius. And
it's open and free. So why not offer it as an alternative?

I appreciate that many musicians may not like the cryptic text-based entry
of LilyPond, but:
As universities totally rely on Finale/Sibelius and often don't even know of
LilyPond, it's no wonder LilyPond has a hard time.
In former times, universities were a place and a source of open and free
software, now they seem to rely on commercial software and don't even care
about it.
Students are always in need of money, so why being forced into overly
expensive software?

Last year, a young conductor (university degree) was totally overwhelmed by
a LilyPond score and he asked: "This is looking outrageously good, that's
incredible, I just can't believe it! Which program did you use?" -
"LilyPond!" - - - ??? [never heard of it]. No comment.

Doesn't make it easier.

Just my two pennies' worth,

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