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Re: Large set of parts

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: Large set of parts
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 15:52:37 +0200

On 27.04.2018 06:52, Nathan Sprangers wrote:
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to produce a large set of parts from an existing score?

Each instrument's music is saved as a variable separate from the score staves. So I need to create a \score and \staff for 31 parts. Do I create 31 separate files? Can I do something with bookparts so  end up in a single output file?

There are infinitely many ways to do this. From what I’ve seen, nearly every LilyPond user working on major projects ends up creating their own framework, ranging from elaborate systems of include files without using Scheme, via simpler Scheme functions, make files, programmatically generating files, to something like GridLy (part of OpenLilyLib) or even more advanced methods of simplifying maintenance at the cost of seriously blowing up the amount of custom program code used. I’ve never had the time for such a large project myself, but I have the impression that it’s very well possible, using a well-devised hierarchy of files and \include-s, to do all of this with LilyPond’s native commands, without too much Scheme programming or external software like Make. But my experience also suggests that such a system needs to be very thoroughly thought through (…ah, the wonders of the English language <3 ) in order to be manageable in the long run.

Best, Simon

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