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Re: Helper macros for music analysis

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Helper macros for music analysis
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2018 22:50:37 +0100

Am Do., 1. Nov. 2018 um 19:37 Uhr schrieb Jérôme Plût <address@hidden>:
> Kalendis Novembribus MMXVIII scripsit Thomas Morley :
> > Part of the problem is you use 'structure as a music-property without
> > declaring it. As a consequence using the option -dcheck-internal-types
> > makes the compilation fail.
> This is why, in a previous iteration of this code, I used an invisible
> articulation to hold the metadata (cf. my previous message on this
> list; ...].

I had seen your request.
And tried several codings, to no avail until gave up.
In the light of your mail I retried with success. :)
I posted the code to this thread:

> I just had a look at define-music-properties.scm -- I had not realized
> that it was even possible to *declare* a music property. Adding these
> lines makes my code compile even with -dcheck-internal-types:
> (music-property-description 'structure markup? "structural markup")
> (music-property-description 'harmony markup? "harmony markup")
> (music-property-description 'motif-define markup? "motif name")

Not sure this will be sufficient, but this is only my gut feeling, I
haven't looked in the source again.

> There are still a few warnings because of an invalid 'origin property,
> but these would take quite a bit longer to fix (the correct location
> object would need to be passed along a *long* chain of procedure
> calls).
> By the way, I have one more question: Given (on the Scheme side) a
> list L of markup objects, I can build a column with
> (make-column-markup L), but this column is left-aligned. How could I
> make it right-aligned?

(make-right-column-markup '("one" "two" "three"))


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