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Re: advice on orchestral parts and string Divisi

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: advice on orchestral parts and string Divisi
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2018 08:07:00 +0100


I use VerticalAxisGroup.remove-layer as described in

See more info on the bug tracker of issue 3518.

Works very well but unfortunately not documented in the Notation
Reference manual it seems.


On Thu, 26 Jul 2018 at 03:07, Reggie <address@hidden> wrote:
> For those of you who engrave orchestral music in which the strings often have
> your typical divisi a2 or a3
> Suppose a performance is coming up and you need to print parts from the full
> score.
> So when you go to engrave the individual parts for any of the strings for
> example, (say Violin I), would you:
> a) always leave the Violin I "as is" and just \new Staff the violin variable
> as it appears in the full score regardless of divisi complexity /
> independence
> --*(Violin I all on one staff for part)
> b) only leave the Violin I as is from the full score if it's a simple score
> and not that complicated of a separate part
> --*(Violin I all on one staff for part, but only if it's not too complex of
> a division rhythm-wise and for not that many measures in the score)
> c) always input all divisi as separate variables from the beginning and
> actually partcombine the divisi of the same instrument, so as to have
> multiple staves if need be on the part version.
> --*(Violin I from the start of engraving has already been pre-variabled into
> 2/3 divisi with a ton of spacer rests throughout the whole part until the
> sections needed, then input the divisi notes, then go back to normal, etc -
> at the end, use partcombine on the part, etc.)
> How do you approach printing string parts for a modern orchestral piece,
> regarding divisi? Does it depend or is your approach constant?
> Most of the music I am engraving has divisi similar to that of the 19th
> century, where it's not too separate of a part difference but some upcoming
> projects I will be working on have rather diverse divisi spreads within the
> same string part.
> So I wanted to begin the project 'correctly' before getting too deep in and
> realizing I couldn't do parts easily. You can't really [easily] do a
> partcombine with just one variable taht has temporary voices on it.
> Thanks
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