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Re: Weirdness with \set associatedVoice

From: Michael Gerdau
Subject: Re: Weirdness with \set associatedVoice
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 09:46:24 +0100 (CET)

Hi David,

> > Is my understanding of what \set associatedVoice does flawed or is this a 
> > bug?
> Without exactly working through the interaction with staff as opposed
> to voice, you should know that "\one one" has never worked: the
> set associated voice command has to be placed one syllable *earlier*
> than the point in the lyrics where it takes effect. I assume there are
> good reasons for this and that it won't change.
> See if making that change has the desired effect.

thank you for your response and basically confirming the observed behaviour.

I had discovered that placing \set associatedVoice "one syllable too early" 
does create the desired result and always assumed that is a bug.

To my eyes it certainly is counter intuitive. Maybe someone knowing the 
rationale behind it could explain the reason?!
Don't know if it is documented but IMO the behaviour should be changed if at 
all possible.

Kind regards,
Michael Gerdau email: address@hidden
GPG-keys available on request or at public keyserver

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