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Compiling LilyPond on Linux Mint 19.1

From: Lukas-Fabian Moser
Subject: Compiling LilyPond on Linux Mint 19.1
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2018 12:21:22 +0100
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this is mostly to give a reference to those who might hit the same problems that I had:

I decided to switch from my ancient Linux Mint 17.3 to Linux Mint 19.1 yesterday. In order to set up a working build environment, I had to provide a working Guile 1.8 which seems not to be in the repositories any more.

So in addition to following the instructions given in I also followed the most recent one of the various variations of steps for compiling Guile 1.8 that Federico Bruni gave in October 2017 (

git clone
cd guile
git checkout branch_release-1-8
./configure --disable-error-on-warning --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

echo "GUILE_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/guile-config" >> ~/.bashrc

Then, after restarting Bash, I could proceed to and successfully compile current Master.

(On my system, the echo [...] >> ~/.bashrc command added the given line without any new-line or whitespace, so I had to insert a newline in an editor.)

Probably these instructions would need some more testing/polishing/adjusting to other distributions before they could reasonably be added to the Contributor's Guide, so I just thought it might be helpful to collect them once more here. (In fact I did run into a bit of trouble tonight, but this seems to have been because I wanted to re-use my old lilypond git directory which had been used for compiling on my old system, so it wasn't really a clean start. This might also mean my procedure can't be guaranteed to work on a really fresh Lilypond git folder, but I think they should - I removed the old build/ folder before the first succesful compile, so there shouldn't have been any remnants of earlier successful compilations.)

Or would there have been a much easier way to success?

(The upside for me: Now I have the necessary Python/Qt/Lilypond bindings to also run current Frescobaldi from the git repository following Urs's excellent instructions on


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