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Re: Error message

From: Craig Dabelstein
Subject: Re: Error message
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 16:15:21 +1000

Thanks for the help everyone.

I narrowed down the guilty bars. Here's a MWE, however, it doesn't reproduce the error in this MWE. When these two bars are replaced with s1.*2 the files produce no error. I really don't know where to go from here. Any advice?


\version "2.19.82"
\language english

\relative c'' {
  \time 3/2
  \tuplet 3/2 2 {
    r4 df -. \f af -. gf' -. cf, -. ef -. gf, -. e' -. a, -.
  } |
  \tuplet 3/2 2 { r4 g' -. bf, -. f' -. e, -. r df' -. c, -. r } |

On Sun, 23 Jun 2019 at 20:36, DJF <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Jun 23, 2019, at 1:38 AM, Craig Dabelstein <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Lilyponders,
> Can anyone tell me what this error message means when trying to compile a file?
> Drawing systems.../home/gub/NewGub/gub/target/darwin-x86/src/ failed assertion `d == 1 || d == -1'
> Exited with exit status 1.

This is my least favorite kind of error! Whenever I have these, it often concerns beaming, especially when LP is trying to beam more than two notes but, because of a misplaced octave or perhaps a clef change, it can't draw a satisfactory beam. Sometimes, just turning off beaming in 4s can allow the file to compile so that you can start investigating.

If that doesn't work, and if the file has been compiling fine right along, I'll assume the issue has to do with the part most recently entered. I'll stick a %} at the end of the part and then pick a reasonable point to put a %{ and, with that section now "turned off", I'll see if the piece can compile. If not, I keep moving the %{ earlier and earlier until it does.

Hope this helps,


Craig Dabelstein
email: address@hidden
Maxime's Music, QLD, Australia
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