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Re: Markup in chordmode

From: Noeck
Subject: Re: Markup in chordmode
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2020 13:18:21 +0100
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Dear Pablo,

please write to the lilypond-user list and not to me personally. You
will get more help there.

Am 14.03.20 um 06:24 schrieb Pablo Cordal:
> Do you know how can I use this kind of structure f2:3.5.8/+c with other
> type of chords? for instance, with a diminished chord, is
> it f2:dim:3,5,8/+c?
>   f2:3,5,8:dim/+c? none of these seem to work.

In your chords, you use a comma (,) instead of a dot (.) and you use
more than one colon (:) which is not the correct syntax. You can write this:

\new Staff \chordmode {

The pattern is (and almost every part can be omitted):

<root note> <duration> : <modification> <additions and removals> / or /+

I also send you the part about chords from my LilyPond cheat sheet:


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