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Re: Problems generating MIDI

From: Pablo Cordal
Subject: Re: Problems generating MIDI
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2020 18:59:20 +0100

I have tested another way:

I listen to the midi file from inside Frescobaldi, then when I make a modification (add another note) and press Crtl+M then I can listen to the modifications in the new midi file... so it works this way!

Thanks a lot, problem solved!

Best regards,

El dom., 15 mar. 2020 a las 18:52, Pablo Cordal (<address@hidden>) escribió:
Yes, I use Frescobaldi to generate the MIDI, and I use Windows Media Player to listen to the midi file. 

This is the process:
- I open the .ly with Frescobaldi
- Crtl + M to generate the pdf (music sheet) and the MIDI file
- I listen to the midi file with WMP
- I close WMP
- I modify the .ly file inside Frecobaldi (for instance, I add another note)
- Press Crtl+M 
- The midi file is not overwritten

So... I close Frescobaldi, delete the midi file and reopen the .ly file. Then I press Crtl+M and then a new midi file is generated. I'd rather not having to close Frecobaldi to generate a new midi, makes my work slower.

Any ideas?

Best regards

El dom., 15 mar. 2020 a las 16:28, Mats Bengtsson (<address@hidden>) escribió:

On 3/15/20 6:01 AM, Pablo Cordal wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've got a problem generating midi. I open a file with lilypond, press
> crtl+M and the midi out is OK. But if I compile the file again the
> midi is not generated. If I want to regenerate the midi I have to
> close lilypond, open it again and compile again.
> Anybody please can give a hand with this?
> I'm using windows 7 ultimate with lilypond 2.18.2

Do you use Frescobaldi or some other editor? Do you listen to the MIDI
file from within Frescobaldi or using some other MIDI player? If you, by
chance, have the MIDI file open in some other MIDI player, LilyPond is
probably not able to write to the file until you have closed that MIDI
player again.


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