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Re: How to compile Lilypond files using Emacs?

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Re: How to compile Lilypond files using Emacs?
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 11:15:40 +1000
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Hi Parviz,

Just a quick note - I'll send a full reply later. As a long time user of Emacs, I would really love to use emacs for lilypond. The issue is that the lilypond mode is quite broken in many ways and as your scores get longer and more complex you will see this. I don't recall the exact details - you can search the list archives - but it makes it pretty much unusable, at least for me. The summary appears to be that no maintenance has been done on the emacs code for years, and it's not looking like being fixed.

Although heresy for an emacs user to say this, I was forced to move to gvim. It works great, handles large files, and I use ly-format from Frescobaldi for formatting, and the vim map function provides single function key compile and reformat, anything you want. Also, some time ago I wrote and posted a not on how to integrate gvim with point and click on Ubuntu, which I can send if so desired.

You can get the compile function going on emacs. If you are still keen, I will write more when I have a bit of time. But with all due respect to the original developers, I think it is a sub-optimal solution. if I am out of date and the mode has been updated, I'd be very keen to be proved wroing and start using emacs again. I know there were some suggested fixes at one point, but they still did not work for me.


On 27/07/2020 12:54 am, Parviz Farnia wrote:

I would like to ask a question about using Lilypond with Emacs. According to the online documentation it is possible to use Lilypond with Emacs:

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