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From: Stefan Thomas
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 10:02:40 +0200

Dear community,
the following code is very old, written by Rune Zedeler, but it is very useful.
It allows You define a motive like:
\motiv #'Stefan {c'8 d' c' d' e2}
and later it can be used like this:
\Stefan {e f g }
and You will get
{e8 f e f g2 }
it can save a lot of typing.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with lilypond 2.20.0
Has someone an idea, how I can get it working with lilypond 2.20.0?
Thanks in advance for any hint!
Here is the definition, that works with 2.18.2.:
motiv =
#(define-music-function (name pattern)
  (symbol? ly:music?)
  (letrec ((trans-rec
   (lambda (pitches)
    (lambda (music)
     (let* ((es (ly:music-property music 'elements))
    (e (ly:music-property music 'element))
    (p (ly:music-property music 'pitch)))
      (if (pair? es)
music 'elements
(map (trans-rec pitches) es)))
      (if (ly:music? e)
music 'element
((trans-rec pitches) e)))
      (if (ly:pitch? p)
(let* ((o (ly:pitch-octave p))
      (n (ly:pitch-notename p))
      (i (+ (* 7 o) n))
      (pes (ly:music-property (list-ref pitches i) 'elements))
      (pnew (ly:music-property (car pes) 'pitch))
(ly:music-set-property! music 'pitch pnew)
    `(define ,name
      (define-music-function (parserb locationb pitchseq)
       (let* ((pitches (ly:music-property pitchseq 'elements))
     (n       (ly:music-property pitchseq 'name)))
(if (not (equal? n 'SequentialMusic))
(ly:warning "2nd arg of transform must be SequentialMusic, got ~a" n)
((,trans-rec (map event-chord-wrap! pitches))
              (ly:music-deep-copy ,pattern)))))))
   (make-music 'SequentialMusic 'void #t)))

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