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Re:  point and click vim (not gvim) xfce4

From: David Wright
Subject: Re:  point and click vim (not gvim) xfce4
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2020 21:32:30 -0600
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On Sat 12 Dec 2020 at 11:20:27 (-0000), damianlegassick wrote:
> On 12 December 2020 at 3:29, David Wright <> wrote:
> > Sorry, I can't keep up. 
> lol. yes I'm flailing a bit. This all stems from the fact that I don't have 
> my mac atm and I've decided that I do want point and click after all. I've 
> various VMs, distros, desktops etc, WSL...just for lilypond.
> with the gnome3 instructions from Usage Manual
> exo-open textedit:///etc/issue:1:0:0
> and
> xdg-open textedit:///etc/issue:1:0:0 
> both correctly invoke lilypond-invoke-editor with LYEDITOR=geany or 
> LYEDITOR=atom.

That's good. I assume you've managed to set LYEDITOR as a global
environment variable, rather than locally by using

 $ LYEDITOR=geany xdg-open textedit:///etc/issue:1:0:0

because with Desktop Environments, I'm not sure that

 $ LYEDITOR=geany your-PDF-viewer pdf-file.pdf

would work, because AIUI xdg-open is always a child of the
DE and not the process that invoked it. (But that might
only apply to Gnome—I don't know as I don't use DEs.)

> two problems remain
> LYEDITOR=gvim only works with the gvim package installed. I can't get plain 
> vim in the terminal launched

Do you actually have a vim binary, rather than a link to gvim?

Is it in your PATH when in the terminal?

If and when you get it running, check that it's compiled with the
server option by running   vim -h   (not always so).

Invoke vim with

 $ vim --servername gvim

and check the vim server is running by typing

 :echo v:servername

which should reflect its name, GVIM. (The first colon has to be typed,
the rest of that line can be pasted.)

Note that you only invoke the program as vim, but everywhere else
should be GVIM, because that's the name built into LP.

> clicking the links in either xpdf or foxit still does nothing.

>From the link you posted, xpdf v4 seems a dead duck for handling
textedit URLs. (If that's not true, storms of protest may ensue.)
I know nothing about foxit, either the company or its software.

I assume you've checked that the PDF actually contains URLs. You can do
that with an editor, or use   less the-pdf.pdf   and then   /textedit
to search. If your less command preprocesses files, like mine, you may
need to avoid that with

 $ LESSOPEN=  less the-pdf.pdf

Do you see any indication that your PDF viewer recognises that there
are links in the file? The cursor should change when hovering over a
notehead, and the text of the link might be displayed on the status
line (if there is one) or in a help bubble.

BTW clicking a link might not be enough: for example zathura requires
point and double click.


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