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Re: Articulation mark & slur placement

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: Articulation mark & slur placement
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2020 17:57:54 +0100

On Sun, 20 Dec 2020 at 16:31, Michael Seifert <> wrote:
>         Well, if we’re doing everything the way Elaine Gould wants us to, then:
>         - articulation should go generally go next to the notehead, not next to the stem; but
>         - the marcato mark usually goes above the staff, regardless of stem direction.  (Note: not directly above the stemm, but above the staff).
> So one could fix the problem for up-stemmed notes simply by putting the marcato accent above the staff (and tweaking its vertical placement.)  But the problem would remain for the same snippet an octave higher, with down-stemmed notes.
>         Interestingly, the accent mark > *does* behave the way I want it to in the code below.  Effectively, I want the marcato mark (and the “staccato wedge”) to behave like the accent mark in the code below, rather than behaving like the staccato or tenuto marks.
> \relative c' {
> d'4-^( e4 f4-.) r4
> d4->( e4 f4-.) r4
> d4-.( e4 f4-.) r4
> d4--( e4 f4-.) r4
> d4-!( e4 f4-.) r4
> }

Hello Mike,

I thought changing the avoid-slur property of marcato and staccatissimo scripts from inside (default) to around (value for accent) would give the behavior you want.
But this does not work, the output is totally different and I have many programmation errors: script direction not yet known.
The problem also exhibits with accent, whereas I just copied the default (unmodified) settings!
A bug?

#(define my-script-alist
   (append '(
                (avoid-slur . around)
                (padding . 0.20)
                (script-stencil . (feta . ("sforzato" . "sforzato")))
                (side-relative-direction . ,DOWN))
                (script-stencil . (feta . ("dmarcato" . "umarcato")))
                (padding . 0.20)
                (avoid-slur . around)
                ;;(staff-padding . ())
                (quantize-position . #t)
                (side-relative-direction . ,DOWN))
                (avoid-slur . around)
                (quantize-position . #t)
                (script-stencil . (feta . ("dstaccatissimo" . "ustaccatissimo")))
                (padding . 0.20)
                (skyline-horizontal-padding . 0.10)
                (side-relative-direction . ,DOWN)
                (toward-stem-shift . 1.0)
                (toward-stem-shift-in-column . 0.0))
              ) default-script-alist)

\layout {
  \context {
    scriptDefinitions = #my-script-alist

\relative c' {
  d'4-^( e4 f4-.) r4
  d4->( e4 f4-.) r4
  d4-.( e4 f4-.) r4
  d4--( e4 f4-.) r4
  d4-!( e4 f4-.) r4


Xavier Scheuer <>

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