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I hope this is on topic, pdf indications

From: jh
Subject: I hope this is on topic, pdf indications
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2020 11:14:02 -0700
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I'm still using 2.18.2
And my PDF 'reader' is Sumatra. Until I did an upgrade of Sumatra when my cursor was hovering over a note there was information about where in the .ly file this note was. After the upgrade this no longer happens. What could be the disconnect between the two? I understand that if I used Fresco this would not be an issue (well it might be I'm not fond of the appearance of Fresco but use it infrequently to find an issue I can't find on my own) but between PSPad that I use to write .ly's and this pdf reader it worked fine and doesn't now. If you think it's the PSPad and that I should fall back to notepad+ or something tell me that or?
this is a win7pro machine and very old (2007) if that's relevant.

If this is a mystery to just live with telling me that would be helpful too.

Thank you Sound & Silence POB 4833 Seattle, Wa 98194 206-328-7694

I am looking for 2-3 dancers various abilities/disciplines for a piece
Called The Box it was scheduled for November  but we know how that has
gone. However I am interested in making videos of the moves and having
dancers work on them and the music before we can get into the same
room....... Paid rehearsals and the door divided evenly by participants.
Spread the word please.

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