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Aligning lyric syllables to notes within beams and slurs?

From: John Helly
Subject: Aligning lyric syllables to notes within beams and slurs?
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 13:29:01 -1000
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I'm working on transcribing the sheet music for Wooden Ships (Crosby, Stills, Kantner) into LP as a learning exercise for myself.  I'm self-taught in reading music so pls forgive blunders (but also pls point them out).

I'm having trouble aligning the lyrics with the beaming structure of the published sheet music.  The only method that seems to allow me to get the desired alignment is to connect the syllables with underscores and that seems like a big kluge. 

Maybe I'm missing some option to allow lyrics to align with beamed and slurred notes within a beam and/or slur?

My understanding is that the default behavior is to align syllables on the first note of the beam rather than on the notes within a beam.  Not sure if that's correct.


John Helly, University of California, San Diego / San Diego Supercomputer Center / Scripps Institution of Oceanography / 760 840 8660 mobile /

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